Nasta Dashkevich: Zmicier is not quitting Young Front


Media reports suggested earlier today that former political prisoner Zmicier Dashkevich was set to quit the ranks of Young Front (registered in the Czech Republic). He has chaired the youth opposition group since 2004. His wife, Nasta, currently is a deputy head of the organization.


Commenting to Euroradio, Nasta Dashkevich noted that their family was not on the way out from the organization:

Nasta Dashkevich: "No one is quitting. Zmicier is stepping down as the chairman. This is quite understandable. He has chaired the organization since 2004, but he wants the organization to be pushed forward by the current younger generation. As far as I am concerned, I am not moving away from Young Front's activities; they are my friends, my family... But it is up to the congress of the organization to see what is going to to come out of this. The Young Front's council will decide how the organization moves forward and who picks what role in the future."