MTS says sorry to Belarusian painters


Ales Razanau read aloud the dictionary of foreign terms, Vasili Kandinski and “Sovetskaya Belorussiaya” during the trial against the MTS Company.
Painters presented MTS a new argument that made the company apologize to them. Ales Razanau’s books have always been printed with the images of egg squares. Now many people think that it is an advertisement of MTS. Critics have to explain readers that those are “egg squares” that appeared in 1992.

Ales Razanau: “There was a review of my book in “Sovetskaya Belorussiya”. Here is a passage from it: it is not an advertisement of MTS, it is an egg square that appeared long before MTS. So will every future review have to contain this explanation? It is easy to notice that the images are easy to recognize. The problem is not being solved during trials; it is becoming more and more complicated”.

During the previous trial Razanau read the dictionary of foreign terms to prove that the oval in his “egg squares” symbolized the egg even if somebody could not guess it by looking at their name. He said that the director of MTS had apologized to painters.

Ales Razanau: “The dictionary of foreign terms: lat. “egg”. It was written that it was only an egg
shape. I quoted Kandinski to them; he said that geometrical figures were the main elements of the objectless art. There are no arguments like that among painters because they create their works as a combination of sense, contents and elements. Hodas has already tried to apologize for having infringed on our interests…”

Apologizing is good but the rumours about “the settled issue” suggested by MTS to painters have not been confirmed. Razanau says he has been getting such promises for a year.

Ales Razanau: “It is only words. Nice rhetoric we have been hearing from the very beginning. A year ago the rhetoric accompanied the preparation of documents for registration and the registration itself”.

Painters do not believe in a peaceful regulation of the conflict with MTS taking into account that the trails will soon come to an end. They also say they will not demand to stop advertising MTS with the help of egg squares.

Ales Razanau: “Let them advertise, but we want people to know that “egg squares” appeared before the eggs in squares. It is not done to advertise ourselves; it is a proof that we are not the ones who may have to vindicate ourselves later”.
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