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Miss Belarus Palina Baradachova may have to pay freeloaders’ tax


The winner of the contest Miss Belarus-2016 Palina Baradachova has confessed to Euroradio that she is not officially employed anywhere. It means that she may have to pay the freeloaders’ tax.



Palina Baradachova: "I will pay if necessary. I am not hiding the fact that I am officially unemployed and laws must be obeyed.”



If Miss Belarus really is a freeloader, she will have to pay Br4.1 million (20 base amounts) to the state. The tax is paid by citizens who do not finance the budget (do not pay taxes) for at least 183 days a year. Membership in a creative union may save the beauty.




It is possible to avoid this tax if you find a job before July 1. Palina Baradachova has 8 days left.