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Minsk traffic police to spend $500K for new BMW bikes


Minsk Traffic Police will spend $500 thousand to set up a new motorсycle unit to ensure road safety in the capital city, reports Minsk City Police Department quoting Minsk Traffic Police chief Vadzim Harkun.

According to Harkun, Minsk City Traffice Police Inspectorate currently uses three motorcycles. Several motorcycles are employed by Minsk's district traffic police units. "In the near future, BMW motorcycles will be procured for the needs of the Minsk City traffic police force. The new equipment will help our officers chase bikers on speedy motorcycles who cynically violate traffic rules in the city, Vadzim Harkun noted.

Minsk Traffic Police is set to purchase 28 German-made motorcycles, Euroradio has learned, according to the contract signed on May 29, 2017 with the supplying company Belatra. The contrac amounts to BYN 960 988 or $516 715.

Under the tender, the same supplier will also sell special gear for motorcycle offcers (coats worth $6000 for 28 officers).