Minsk police detain 28-year-old Right Sector 'supporter'

Мінская міліцыя пра затрыманага “найміта”: 28 гадоў, прыхільнік “Правага сектара

Minsk city police have disclosed some details about detaining a "mercenary" in the railway station of the capital. A young man who was behaving suspiciously and was unusually dressed was detained on the morning of November 26. Under outerwear he was wearing a steel vest. Also, the guy had a gun, an improvised explosive device, documents, a certificate of participation in the antiterrorist operation in the east of Ukraine, Minsk police Aliaksandr Lastouski said today on the STV TV channel.

Also, the detainee had a Right Sector flag, a mask with slits for eyes and various electrical equipment. The young man has a Belarusian citizenship.

The press service of the Minsk police confirmed this information, but also said that the "mercenary" was 28 years old.

Earlier it was reported that the Investigative Committee launched a case of illicit arms trafficking.

Representative of the volunteer groups  Pahonya (Pursuit) which supports the anti-terrorist operation in Ukraine, said that the person arrested in Minsk is most likely not their friend:

"Our people do not go to Belarus with arms, so we do not know who detained person is. Perhaps this is another fake case of the Belarusian special services, such as "dead rats in the well dropped by the opposition to poison the country." If it's not fake, I think that the detained man fought on the side of the PRL. It was reported that he had on him two passports. One of these documents could be a passport of the PRL printed there.

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