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Sport minister: We are unaware of Maradona’s plans, goals and program

Photo: Reuters

Belarusian Minister of Sport and Tourism Syarhei Kavalchuk has once again commented on Diego Maradona’s (best football player of the 20th century) arrival in our country. The famous Argentinean who became FC Dynamo Brest's CEO in May will commence his duties after the FIFA World Football Cup in Russia. Maradona is scheduled to arrive in Belarus on 16 July.

In an interview with the ONT TV channel, Kavalchuk admitted that Diego Maradona will help to popularize football in Belarus. 

"It must have been a great news for Dynamo Brest,” Kavalchuk said. “The arrival of the best football player of the 20th century in our country and his involvement are very important for Brest and the Republic of Belarus… We are unaware of his plans, goals or program. He is yet to describe them. We only know that he is related to Dynamo Brest.”

The minister has no immediate plans to meet with the Argentinean but will organize the meeting on the level of the Ministry of Sport if necessary.