Minister of Sport knows nothing about 2013 championships? (video)

A meeting dedicated to the problems of the association Dynama and their solution took place on August 15. Other sport problems were also discussed there. Euroradio has listed to the dialogue of Alyaksandr Lukashenka and Minister of Sport Alyaksandr Shamko:

Lukashenka: The Minister will now tell us about the state of sport.

Shamko: There is nothing to be happy about. We only won 1 gold medal in 15 world championships in 2013 (7 winter and 8 summer sports).

Lukashenka: (mockingly): 15 championships and only one gold medal! 

Shamko: We have high-flying plans and we are not simply going to…

Lukashenka: Speaking about the remaining world championships, do you mean that you want to…

Shamko: We will try to win 15-17 medals.

Lukashenka: How can you do it while you have such a disorder in sport?

Shamko: It is not that bad. I will mention it later although I don’t…

Lukashenka: What championships are you planning to win?

Shamko: The future championships… (looks through his notes.)

Lukashenka: You will not win if you cannot name them without looking through notes.