Milinkevich in Brussels: Don't isolate Belarus along with Russia


"A new window of opportunities can be opened today to improve relations between the European Union and Belarus like it was in 2008," Belapan news agency quotes the opposition politician as saying. "It is necessary to continue with the agenda that was defined at the Eastern Partnership Summit in Vilnius: visa issues, protection of borders, modernization, etc. This is for the first time in many years that such a constructive agenda has been formed. One should not allow this agenda to be compromised by the events in Ukraine."

Speaking at the meeting of the European Parliament's Foreign Policy Committee, Milinkevich noted that Belarus "has taken a good neighborhood policy towards Ukraine." "New authorities have been recognized, while attempts are being made to offer mediation between Kiev and Moscow," said Milinkevich. "This is an element of independent policy. Therefore, Belarus should not be isolated along with Russia over the controversial vote on Ukraine at UN General Assembly."

Belarus was among 11 countries that voted against the resolution in support of Ukraine's territorial integrity.

Milinkevich also stressed that the issue of Belarusian political prisoners should not disappear from the agenda in talks between Belarus and European Union.


Photo: Fotolia