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Memorial action takes place in front of KGB headquarters in Minsk


The memorial action titled "Memory Chain" took place in the evening of October 29 in front of the KGB headquarters in central Minsk. About 100 people came to commemorate the Belarusian intellectuals that were executed during Stalin's rule. In the night of October 30, 1937, almost 100 literary men and Belarusian culture figures were executed by shooting in the underground cells of what is now known as the KGB prison.

Ex-political prisoner Mikalai Statkevich had earlier called on people to come to the KGB buildings with candles and commemorate the victims of repressions.

Among those 100 people attending were opposition figures Mikalai Statkevich with his wife, Uladzimir Nyaklyaeu, Anatol Lyabedzka and Pavel Vinahradau. People lit candles and put them on the stairs of the KGB building. Some people lined up in a chain along the main avenue. Two police officers were monitoring the action but did not interfere. 

The police later noted the personal details of the organizers. Statkevich personally thanked everyone who came to the action and asked people to leave their candles on the stairs of the KGB headquarters..

People left their candles and walked away. The action can be considered finished.