Members of initiative group of opposition activist are summoned to KGB


Members of the initiative group of Zmitser Kuhlei, a deputy contender in Masty constituency, are being summoned to KGB. A person who introduced himself as the deputy head of Masty District Department of the Interior has phoned Zmitser Krasnapeutsau today and informed him that he had to come to Shchychyn KGB department at 4 p.m. He did not tell him why he had to do it. Zmitser Kuhleu has informed ERB about it.

“Zmіtser replied that he could not do it because he was in Hrodna and he had no time for it. He does not even know who phoned him. Anyone can phone and play such jokes”.

By the way, Zmitser Kuhlei was interrogated by KGB the other day in Shchuchyn. He was finger-printed there.