"Measures taken" against resolution 991 author, but he remains employed

The foreign economic activities department at the Council of Ministers says the man who authored the notorious government's resolution No 991 should be left alone. The European Radio for Belarus phoned Henadz Miadzvezeu, the head of the department, where the notorious resolution No 991 had been drafted two months ago. We asked him what happened with the official who wrote that document.

Henadz Miadzvedzeu: "He is alive. If there were any consequences, we could have talked about something. Otherwise, the resolution was cancelled".

President Alexander Lukashenka would say:

"We began finding out who drafted the resolution. Secret services informed me that a senior official drafted the resolution at the request of the prime minister and threw it on his table. He would leave for vacations on the next day. There is even nobody to be held resposible. Not even the name".

The Council of Ministers took a lot of time to find the responsible. But, eventually, it did.

Henadz Miadzvedzeu says that the man received enough punishment but would not reveal his name.

"Why doe he need any troubles? He has already punished with whatever was necessary".

Prime minister's spokesman Alexander Tsimashenka refused to reveal the name, citing he did not see it mentioned on any official documenys. But it is known for sure that that is still employed with the ministry. Tatsiana Kibina, the official whose name was mentioned under the notorious resolution, still works as well as the prime minister who signed the document.

It makes no sense to search for those who are to blame, writes YurZnak in its blog. Not one person but a group of officials should be to blame, because any resolution must be approved by several officials, under the procedures of the Council of Ministers.

Photo: gdb.rferl.org