Masty ideologists forbid librarians to give out books about European Union

The ideology department of Masty District Executive Committee is threatening employees of Vaukavysk, Masty and Shchuchyn libraries for having accepted the brochure “Europe in 12 Lessons” from local non-governmental organizations. The book is written by a professor of Paris Institute of Political Studies Pascal Fontaine.
“How could you accept those books? Are you bored with your work? – asked ideologists talking to librarians.

A member of the movement “For Freedom” Ales Zarembyuk who took part in the distribution of the books told ERB:

“I cannot understand the employees of the ideology department of Masty District Executive Committee. The leader of the state is trying to establish relations with the European Union and to do everything possible to restore Belarus’ status of an invited representative in the PACE. At the same time provincial ideologists are fighting with a brochure by Dr. Pascal Fontaine”.