Man on crutches attacked by riot police on nudist beach (full video)

There is now available a Youtube video, reportedly from an unofficial nudist beach at the Minsk sea. Its author, Oleg Dogtor posted it on August 8. Later on there appeared a full Youtube video - you can watch it here.

According to him, the riot police was called to the beach by a 45 year old woman with children. She did not like that at this informal nudist beach a woman next to her was topless. According to the author of the video, first arrived two riot policeman who ordered the woman to get her things.

A girl tried to intercede, which was later grabbed and gragged by riot police on the sand. Her boyfriend or husband on crutches with a broken leg tried to find out what was going on when the riot police pushed and hit him as well. According to the author of the video, the police even took out pepper sprays. Soon help arrived of five more riot police officers.

As a result, the girl and her boyfriend on crutches left the beach in an ambulance. About five people from those who defended the girl were taken away by the police.