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Makei: Union State Treaty does not require revision

Belarus and Russian Foreign Ministers Uladzimir Makei and Sergey Lavrov /

Russia and Belarus have no problems in their relations and will keep coordinating their approaches in the international arena, Belarusian Minister for Foreign Affairs Uladzimir Makei announced at a press conference in Moscow after meeting with his Russian counterpart Sergey Lavrov, TASS reports.

The interaction of Belarus and Russia in the UN, OSCE and other international organizations was discussed at the meeting, Makei said. The representatives of both states said that they were interested in ‘the development of integration processes in the Eurasian Economic Union and closer interaction on the CIS territory and in the CSTO”.

Both sides have agreed to create a 2-year programme (until 2022) of further integration within the Union State, the head of Belarusian diplomacy said. 

There is no need to reconsider the Treaty on the Union between Belarus and Russia, Makei stressed. “The provisions of the Treaty on the Union between Belarus and Russia are strategic and do not require reconsideration,” TASS quotes him as saying. “The actualization of the programme of fulfilling the provisions of the treaty” should be discussed now, the Belarusian Minister reckons.  A working group will gather and discuss all the issues soon, he noted. Its suggestions will be considered by the government and, if needed, by the presidents.

“70% of the suggestions match and 30% need to be discussed and negotiated,” the Belarusian diplomat noted.