Makei - Russian airbase to cause irritation with Minsk and Moscow

The deployment of a Russian military base in Belarus will not help decrease the military and political tension in the region, Belarusian foreign Minister Uladzimir Makei told Kommersant. There is no need to discuss the deployment of such bases in Belarus at the moment, Minister reckons.


“The air base will draw irritation towards both Minsk and Moscow. There are so many air bases in Belarus now that hundreds of warplanes can land there within several hours. It is better to discuss ways for a quick response to possible threats to Belarus and Russia’s security,” Uladzimir Makei said.

There are other issues that need to be addressed as soon as possible, the crisis in Ukraine and the situation in Syria among them.

A joint meeting of the Belarusian and Russian MFAs was held in Moscow on October 27. The Foreign Ministers discussed some issues of the bilateral cooperation there. The diplomats did not touch upon the deployment of a Russian military base in Belarus.

There is no sense in such bases. Weapons capable of destroying the enemy’s objects are more important, Minister of Defence Andrei Rabkouski said on October 22.

Photo: MFA