Lukashenka's speech removed from YouTube

Now without Lukashenka's powerful speech / Euroradio

On May 14, the 1.9 million views of Alyaksandr Lukashenka's Victory Day speech in Minsk were removed from YouTube. The situation is special because just a day earlier, the telegram channel "Pool of the First," which is connected with the presidential administration, had boasted that Lukashenka had hit the trends of the Internet platform with this speech.

Lukashenka's speech, which had nearly 2 million views, was posted on the "yellow" Russian YouTube channel "Politics Today: Russia, the United States, and Ukraine." Officially, it does not belong to any of the Belarusian state media.

On other channels, the numbers are much more modest. For example, the statistics of views of the same speech on YouTube pages of state media were the following: on May 14, ONT - 12.2 thousand views, STV - 31.5 thousand. The figure is nowhere close to 'almost two million views'.

Two million views - but not on the YouTube channel of the state media.

At first, the "Pool of the First" had a link to the video from "Politika Segodnya," but then the post was edited and the link was removed. And the video became unavailable on YouTube.

One of the reasons why the video was deleted could be faked views.

The presentation of the video on "Politika Segodnya..." was different -- without the dramatic photo. The channel where the video was posted does not hold back when it comes to using clickbait techniques.

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