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Lukashenka's hockey teammate tests positive for coronavirus

Dzmitry Myaleshka (second from right) in hockey team of Alyaksandr Lukashenka /​

Alyaksandr Lukashenka's hockey teammate Dzmitry Myaleshka has coronavirus. However, the head of state won't isolate himself, his press secretary Natallia Eismont said in a commentary to

Earlier, Myaleshka had taken the test for COVID-19. According to Myaleshka, he had a slight cold and decided to isolate himself, as his wife is seriously ill, her immune sustem is weak.

"Presidential hockey team player Dzmitry Myaleshka has indeed been hospitalized with the diagnosis of pneumonia," Ms Eismont was quoted by as saying. "The result of the for COVID-19 came back positive".

The spokesperson stressed that Dzmitry Myaleshka fell ill about a week after the end of the amateur ice hockey tournament (April 11), in which he participated along with Lukashenka. The whole team of the head of state was "on vacation". No additional measures are taken for players.

Ms Eismont notes that Alyaksandr Lukashenka did not take the coronavirus test and "it's not necessary at the moment". He hasn't been in isolation before, he's not going to "go into isolation, remote work and so on" now, says the spokesperson.

Dzmitry Myaleshka was a hockey player of the Belarusian national team. He completed his professional sports career three years ago.