Lukashenka’s ex-economic advisor appointed Amkador holding CEO

Alyaksandr Lukashenka’s ex-economic advisor started working for Amkador in August 2012. Tkachou was sacked from the President’s Administration and became senior deputy CEO. Valery Kandratchyk used to be the CEO until recently.

By the way, a lot of ex-officials work for the companies belonging to Senator Alyaksandr Shakutsin, Yezhednevnik reports. Another Amkador deputy CEO, Alyaksandr Nahayenka, used to head the BRSM. Syarhei Radaman, ex-deputy head of Minsk City Executive Committee, is a member of the directorate. Mikalai Kastsen (ex-director of Autahidrauzmatsnyalnik and MAZ), Ivan Shcherba (ex-Minister of Transport and Communications) and other former officials work for the holding and its structures.