Lukashenka: I plan to visit Kurapaty

Alyaksandr Lukashenka has shared his attitude to the history of the period of Stalin’s repressions. It is necessary to depoliticize Kurapaty, the President told Radio Liberty reporter Valer Kalinouski at a meeting with independent Belarusian mass media.

“I visit Kurapaty almost every day. I drive past it. I always think: why have they put the crosses near the road? They should be a bit father, I believe. This would be right. I have never been in the place before and I am planning to visit it (unofficially), get information and depoliticize it (I have already ordered to collect information for me). Why should I care? I am not to blame for Stalinism or fascism. I need to find out who killed whom there. I will do it. They will help me do it impartially. I want to go there and dot the i's. I always think about it when I am driving by.”

Lukashenka did not say anything about the idea to create a memorial to the victims of Stalin’s repressions in Kurapaty Tract near Minsk. He wants to learn the history of that place like he did with Trastsyanest in the past, Lukashenka said.

Photo: BELTA