Lawer: No amnesty likely for Belarus political prisoners

The new amnesty law, passed today by the House of Representatives, the lower champer of the Belarusian parliament, does not envisage the release of political prisoners Andrei Klimov, Alexander Kozulin, Zmitser Dashkevich and Arthur Finkevich, former Kozulin's lawyer Ihar Rynkevich said in an interview with the European Radio for Belarus. “Klimov cannot be freed, because he was previously amnestied. The remaining political prisoners like Finkevich, Dashkevich and Kozulin have disciplinary punishments for violating the order in a correctional facility. Under one of the provisions in the new law, they do not fall under amnesty," Rynkevich said.

According to the lawyer, Kozulin's current lawyer Dzmitry Harachka is preparing a motion to appeal the disciplinary pinishments against the political prisoner.