Krzysztof Zanussi supports Hrodna lecturers


He is indignant
at the dismissal of historians Andrei Charnyakevich and Vyachaslau Shved for the
book Hrodna Studies. The local authorities
think that the book is rebellious. Head of Hrodna Province Executive Committee
Syamyon Shapira confessed that he had ordered to sack Andrei Charnyakevich.

Such decisions
are inadmissible and do not correspond to European standards, Zanussi told Polish
Radio. Hoever, he sees no scene in writing letters in support of the dismissed lecturers
because it will not change anything. “It is up to Belarusians, they should speak
up. Everyone must struggle for their freedom. Let Belarusians answer: what
choice have they made as a people?” Zanussi said.