Krasnyi Pishchevik CEO suspected of power abuse

Дырэктара "Чырвонага харчавіка" падазраюць у злоўжыванні паўнамоцтвамі

Babruisk affiliate of the Investigation Committee has started a criminal case against the director of Krasnyi Pishchevik. He is suspected of power abuse (part 3 of article 424 of the Criminal Code), BELTA refers to official representative of the Investigation Committee Yuliya Hancharova.


Information presented by the State Control Committee of Mahilyou Province and Mahilyou Province Executive Committee were the reason to start a criminal case, Hancharova said. An investigation is in process now.


The suspect has not been detained.


Syarhei Anyuhouski was appointed Krasnyi Pishchevik CEO in mid-January 2016.