KGB captains tried to hire activist of movement “For Freedom”


Two KGB captains have interrogated an activist of the movement “For Freedom” Aleh Pronski in the office of the deputy dean of the agricultural faculty of Hrodna State Agricultural University today. Pronski informed ERB that they threatened and tried to hire him.

Aleh Pronskі: “We talked for about an hour. At first they scolded me for having spoilt my wonderful career: they had been going to make me a member of special police troops and then a KGB member. Then they said that my colleagues from the movement “For Freedom” kept buying cars, houses and neck-ties for 50 dollars. They described my activities in the Movement in detail. The captains offered choices three to me: stop my civil activities and live peacefully without being sent to Homel Region. Second: I tell mass media about the conversation and get sent to Homel Region so that my career would be spoilt. The third variant was cooperation with KGB and a wonderful career”.

The pro-rector has already advised that Pronski should stop his civil activities and threatened him with the possibility of being sent to Homel Region.