Italian architects receive award for Minsk airport's VIP hall

Minsk National Airport


Minsk National Airport

  / Recs Architects

The Polish newspaper Rzeczpospolita reports that the Italian architectural bureau Recs Architects has won an award in the prestigious international competition A' Design Award for its work on the VIP lounge at Minsk airport, A' Design Award is an international prize awarded in the field of design and architecture.

Italian studio Recs Architects worked on the project of the VIP lounge at Minsk Intertnational Airport.

"This is a gateway to travel and communication for the international elite. This is where people begin to feel Belarus and where they take a last look at Belarus before returning home," reads the project description on the A' Design Award website.

The private terminal boasts a reception hall, a lounge, a bar, a conference room, a toilet, a corridor on the first floor, and a VIP room designed to accommodate the most discerning travellers.

The forced landing of the Ryanair plane in May 2021 has significantly reduced the number of departures and the ability of the world's elite to communicate at the Minsk International Airport.

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