Іryna Ekpa-Uma lived in a cattle-shed with buffalos and ate frogs for 11 days


Aleh Hivoin, the brother of the Belarusian Iryna Ekpa-Uma abducted by Nigerian militants, told ERB about the conditions she was kept in during that period. He said that the regular food in the village they kept her was raw fish and frogs:

Aleh Hivoin: “I simply asked her if the militants tortured or beat her. Iryna said no. She was taken to some riverside district not far from Port-Harkort, some 70 kilometers from it.

She said she was treated in a very bad way, almost like an animal. She was kept in a cattle-shed together with buffalos. She also noted that she was grateful to some man who pitied her and made some infusions and herbal tea for her.

She said he knew how to do it and that she did not know what could have happened without his help”.

ERB: “Aleh, did she tell you how she was guarded?”

Aleh Hivoin: “Oh, how could she – her leg was hanging by a thread!”

Let us remind you that the Belarusian was kept captive from May 5 till May 17.