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InformNapalm: Russia to deploy one more military unit near Belarusian border


Russia is about to deploy yet another military unit near Belarus, reports the website of the international intelligence community Inform Napalm. The resource has analyzed open source data and claims that the new military unit will be stationed in Unech, 48 km away from the Belarusian border.

Unech is 80 km away from Kasciukovicy and 230 km off  Mahilou. Russian regional media also reported about this plan earlier.

The military unit in Unech will fulfill material logistics tasks: preservation of ammunition, machinery, etc. The number of soldiers is expected to reach 500 people. 

When deployed, it will become the third Russian military base situated along the Belarusian border after the motorized infantry brigades in Klintsy, Bryansk Oblast and Yelnya, Smolensk Oblast.