Ihnatovich imprisoned for abduction of Zavadski sends appeal to President

A meeting of the former special police troops officer “Almaz” Valery Ihnatovich with his relatives took place in Zhodzina prison, reports “Belaruskі partyzan”. Let us remind you the he and Maxim Malik were sentenced to life imprisonment and confiscation of their property.
They were returned guilty of committing heinous crimes including organization, leadership and membership in a band, robbery, slaughter and others. Ihnatovich and Malik were also returned guilty of having abducted a cameraman Dzmitry Zavadski whose fate is still unknown.

According to relatives, Ihnatovich is very thin and he obviously has problems with his health. The old backbone trauma must have started growing worse because his hands are trembling. He practically cannot hold a spoon and cannot eat.

Ihnatovich still insists that he is not guilty of the crimes he is imprisoned for and he has sent an appeal to Alyaksandr Lukashenka with the help of his father.

“Mr. President!

I, convict Valery Alyaksandravich Ihnatovich, am waiting for justification and claim that I am not guilty of the crimes I was groundlessly accused of which led to my illegal imprisonment. I am innocent. I have not committed any crimes.

I have been asking the head of prison #8 to send you my appeal every week since I was imprisoned. But they do not want to listen to me and do not accept my appeals. So, Mr. President, I have to appeal to you with the help of mass media”.