"I will tell you a dark secret - most senators speak Belarusian perfectly!"



Euroradio: Was there some event in your life, after which the “Belarusian identity” awakened in you?

Ihar Marzaliuk: Belarusian
identity is an integral part of my
cultural identity. For me, being a
Belarusian was a natural and organic
thing since childhood. I went to a Belarusian village school, my
grandfather was a member of the Society
of Belarusian schools.  I saw “Nasha Niva” publications not in a museum, but on the bookshelf in my grandfather’s house. I know Russian
language, too, but I completely
forget it over the summer in Stalbtsy
district – the people there speak Belarusian as freely as they breathe.  When I entered the Faculty of History, I knew the language and used it even
then. However, it became the absolute
principle of life in 1989, after return
from the Soviet Armed Forces. I
started speaking Belarusian in everyday life and gave my answers at the
lectures in the same way just then.

Euroradio: It turns out that the Soviet army made you a conscious Belarusians?

Ihar Marzaliuk: The Soviet army stirred the national
feelings in absolutely everyone
who went through it, including Belarusians.

Euroradio: You
are the only Belarusian-speaking senator. Is it easy for you
to find a common language with the officials?

You have an exaggerated idea of ​​the officials’ fear of Belarusian
national idea. Not
every “reviver” speaks Belarusian so well and beautifully. Another thing , they don’t use the
language, while Belarusian language must be promoted and advertised, as there’s
no territory for the Belarusian language except Belarus.

Are not you worried that they close down Belarusian classes, high schools?

Belarusian classes are closed, because parents do not file
corresponding application, or too few of them do it. Choosing
of the language to be educated at is an internal conflict between the
Belarusian nation and the people.

And how many people in the Council of Republic have you motivated to speak

Ihar Marzaliuk: All my speeches were in Belarusian. Moreover,
I will tell you a dark secret: most of the members of the Council of Republic
speak Belarusian perfectly! If
you take the so-called new opposition as an example, we can argue on whether
there would be more Belarusians! I'm
talking about the fighters for a new Europe, in which gays feel totally
comfortable but you can forget about  the
Belarusian language. I'm a
traditionalist! If you say
you love the language, you must love your tradition. The Belarusian
tradition is Christian identity. A family is a union between a
man and a woman. Everything
else is not a family in our cultural tradition. And
Pope John Paul was absolutely right to call homosexuality and lesbianism a culture
of death. God
is life and multiplication of children is a continuation of the endless chain
of life.

What is your attitude to national symbols?

I respect all those symbols that have ever been the state symbols of
our country. So I would never
tear neither of the flags into pieces. I know the state anthem by heart, as
well as the state emblem. Also, I have great respect for the symbols, under which
the Republic of Belarus exists now. Changing symbols should be
done according to the results of the referendum. I see no other way to
change the symbols. However, I want to remind everyone that the coat of arms
"Сhaser" has been approved and recognized by the
Ministry of Culture as a historical and cultural value of Belarus, has a
corresponding registered number.

Euroradio: What is your attitude
to death penalty?

I am a consistent supporter of the death penalty. The
death penalty is not a demonic murder but a harsh punishment to a person who
has crossed the border, crossed themselves from the society and lost the right
to be called a human.

Euroradio: What do you think about the "Plan for the modernization
of Belarus”, proposed by the EU?

It depends what you mean by modernization - economic, social,
political. Maybe
someone is in delight by what is happening in Europe in the culltural,
political, legal field, but I’m not. My European ideals are in the past - I
prefer the Victorian British Empire. Not
because they were colonizers, but they had a more sincere position. Europe
is sick in socialism in the worst sense of the word. All their problems come from this. As for the fact that we
should be upgraded - it's a fact.

Euroradio: It is a pity for the
people whom the world calls political prisoners ...

There are trial procedures, there are appropriate laws – whether they
like them or not, they must follow them. Secondly,
how can we explain the behavior of people who, even before the official
announcement of the election results, announce their triumphant victory, waving
some papers to form a government of national trust? Do
you think that if this is qualified as an attempted coup, it is not correct? Most
interesting is that the same people were first called "KGB rats" and
then became prisoners of conscience. First – the "Headphone",
and then he became a prisoner of conscience. And
if a person is in jail under an economic article – tax evasion, and if there is
an undeclared sum of half a billion euros in his personal account, according to
the tax inspections of the EU, tell me - why is this considered a politically
motivated case?

What is your attitude to the "black list" of Belarusian musicians?

The more we do not allow any kind of music or art work - the more we
raise the popularity ratings of it. "Black
lists"  is not a good idea, it just creates
unhealthy excitement. This is in case
the "black list" truly exists.

What should we expect from you as a senator - any initiatives?

For the spring session, I am preparing a proposal for the protection
of the archaeological heritage, I do museumfication of the Bykhau castle,
including  legal aspects. I'm
going to defend the national interests of Belarus with the position of the Belarusian
state in the harmonization of national legislation in the CIS countries and
Belarus in particular. I
am a member of the Interparliamentary Assembly of the CIS and I work in the
committee for defense and security.

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