Heads of Russian and Belarusian Ministries of Internal Affaires to discuss cooperation in Bryansk

The meeting of the Minister of Internal Affaires of the Russian Federation Rashyd Nurgaliev with the head of the Belarusian Ministry of Internal Affaires Uladzimir Navumau will take place in Bryansk on June 7-8. It is expected that the main topic of the negotiations will be cooperation of the two organizations in the borderland. Joint efforts on prevention of drug dealing, illegal immigration and smuggling across the Russian-Belarusian border will be discussed there.

Heads of customs and frontier committees of the two countries will also take part in the meeting in Bryansk. First it was planned that it would be a trilateral meeting where Ukraine would participate too.

But the organizers did not confirm participation of Ukraine. It may be connected with the recent hospitalization of the Ukrainian Minister of Internal Affaires U.Tsushko. He is going through a rehabilitation course after an infarction.