Artist behind ‘spoilt’ Minsk-Moscow mural says will not 'correct' it

The scandalous graffiti ‘Minsk-Moscow’ is still ‘adorned’ with barbed wire painted by an unknown graffitist on October 23.


"It makes sense now,” the graffitist explained ‘the correction’ of the propaganda mural.

Minsk City Executive Committee suggested that the graffitist brought the painting back to its initial state on his own but he refused despite the threat of standing trial:

"I am not afraid of any trial. This is laughable. The painting itself is vandalism. The authorities think that the barbed wire is also vandalism. Punishing for the vandalism of vandalism is absurd.”

The spokesman for the Minsk City Police Department Aliaksandr Lastouski says that the Minsk City Executive Committee has not requested his agency to investigate the 'interference with the created work." The press office of the police promised to inform members of the public about their actions on this matter soon.