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Fuel prices grow again - now 17th time in a year

An illustrative photo from open sources.

The the price of motor fuel has grown agan - a 17th time within a year. The press office of Belnaftachim reports the prices will be set as of 23 September as follows: АІ-92-К5-Euro — BYN1.36 per 1 liter, АІ-95-К5-Euro — BYN1.44, АІ-98-К5-Euro — BYN1.65, diesel — BYN1.44.

This September, Belnaftachim has increased the price every week, the latest on 16 September.

The company explains the rise by the policy of gradual increase in prices to enable Belarusian refineries to compensate their expenditures to produce petrochemical products.