Franak Vyachorka: BRUY congress delegates were stupefied when we spoke out


Details of the detention of Franak Vyachorka and Mihail Pashkevich (representatives of “BNF Youth” and “Young Democrats”) during a BRUY congress in the Palace of the Republic have become known.
Let us remind you that the activists managed to enter the Palace of the Republic hosting the congress with a group of students. The opposition members put on “Good heart of BRUY” T-shirts and took some of the best seats in the hall. Franak Vyachorka was informing about everything in his livejournal.

However, Vyachorka and Pashkevich did not even mange to stay in the hall for an hour. The chief ideologist of the country Usevalad Yancheuski recognised the opposition members. Vyachorka and Pashkevuch stood up after a speech made by the vice Prime Mistier Alyaksandr Kosinets. They demanded permission to make a speech. The presidium kept ignoring them.

Then the guys addressed the audience: “Aren’t you interested what you money is used for? Why can’t our organizations get a room to conduct a meeting while the BRUY gets the Palace of the Republic? Why aren’t you asking the administration why the benefits were removed and why students are still getting assigned against their will?” Vaychorka claims that “the majority of the delegates were stupefied”.

Security guards made the opposition members leave the hall. A KGB member told them they would be delivered to Central District Department of the Interior.