Former student in court battle with university in Brest

A district court in Brest has thrown out a lawsuit filed by Katsiaryna Chyzhyk, a former student of the Brest University, seeking to be reinstated at the university and granted an academic leave. Since the summer of 2008, the girl has studied English in Wimbledon. As of September 1, she was a 5th-year English Langague student at the Brest University. In August, Chyzhyk tried to apply for an academic leave by was denied and expelled from the university.

The court hearings ended on December 29. Judge Babrouski ruled that Katsiaryna Chyzhyk was denied academic leave and expelled from the university on legitimate grounds.

Under the July 11, 2007 Law on Education, students are entitled to an academic leave for medical, financial or other reasons. The January 10, 2008 resolution of the Education Ministry decifers "other reasons" as only one thing: when a student has to stay home to take care of ill parents or relatives.

Chyzhyk's father says they will appeal the ruling.