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Football: BATE earned 1 million euro in Champions League

Photo: FC BATE

FC BATE are out of UEFA Champions League following the defeat on aggregate to Slavia Prague in the 3rd qualifying round, having earned 1 million euros, according to calculations by journalists from

The Barysau side received 320 000 euros for taking part in the 2nd qualifying round of Champions League, 420 000 for the 3rd qualifying round and 260 000 as a solidarity payment to the winner of a national premier league.

If BATE make it to Europa League group stage through play-offs, they can earn at least 3.6 million euros. The club will get additional 2.6 million as a fixed payment for advancing into the group stage. Besides, there are bonuses: 360 000 euros for a victory and 120 000 euros for a draw.

If BATE crashes out after Europa League qualifying round, they will get only 245 000 euros fo playing in the qualifying stage. Then, their total revenues will amount to 1 245 000 euros.

If BATE advanced to Champions League's group stage, they would earn at least 14.7 million euros.