Famous Belarusian mountaineer Victar Kulbachenka is dead

A famous mountaineer Victar Kulbachenka has died in Moscow. He was the first Belarusian to have climbed the Everest. During the last years of his life Kulbachenka lived in Moscow and was working in the field of industrial mountaineering.
The information about the death of the 46-year-old mountaineer was distributed by the web site “Electronic Barysau” (http://borisov-e.info/). A professional physician Victar Kulbachenka started climbing mountains in 1981. He climbed the second highest 8-thousand meter mountain Kangchenjunga (8598 meters) in 1994 and 3 years later he climbed the world’s highest mountain Everest (8848 meters).

Every time Kulbachenka was risking his life. Three of his fingers of the left hand got partially amputated. Last August the Belarusian managed to survive after an avalanche in Chagory Mountain. An international group of mountaineers was hit by it. Victar crawled to the surface but 4 of his Russian friends died.

Vіctar Kul'bachenka was given an honorary title “Snow leopard”. It is given to mountaineers who have climbed all the five 7 thousand meter mountains of the former Soviet Union. There are a bit more than 500 “leopards” in the whole world. We have lost one of them…

Photo by minsk.kp.ru