Expert Balykin: Private entrepreneurs have lost to authorities


The authorities have won the battle with private entrepreneurs. This opinion was expressed by an independent expert Syarhei Balykin in his interview with the BelaPAN agency. He analysed the results of the confrontation of private entrepreneurs and the authorities concerning presidential decree #760.
Belarusian private entrepreneurs only proved to be able to organize infrequent spontaneous protest actions. However, Balykin thinks that actions are not enough, it is necessary to learn to make use of their results.

Moreover, the majority of protests against decree #760 forbidding to hire employees except for close relatives were merely emotional, thinks Syarhei Balykin.

In his opinion, there should have been more legal and economical arguments in negotiations with the authorities.

At the same time the expert noted that some other people had managed to make use of the actions of private entrepreneurs. They have lobbied changes in the legislation making activities of legal entities easier.