Euroradio presents: "Acoustic" from :B:N:, part 1 (download)

:B:N: were going to present the first part of the "Acoustic" a month ago, but postponed the presentation:

"We had to wait until we really enjoyed the results. This is not an ordinary acoustic program, but an interesting and complicated mix of percussion instruments, acoustic guitars and the voice, - says :B:N: leader Ales Lyutych. - We wanted all this percussion not just to sound well, but to be pleasant for the ear, and melodic".

The first part of the "Acoustic" consists of 6 songs. The first song of the album "Nie Trywaj" wasn't chosen accidentally: it's not only the most "acoustic" one, but gives the proper mood to the whole record.

"The first part turned out to be full of spring mood, these songs give spring the tempo, they are so rhythmic, - says Lyutych. - As for the last song of the part, "Ciahnik", it shows that we are moving forward and the album will be continued!"

The musicians keep it in secret, what the second part of the album will be like. The band decided to take a time-out for the summer holidays and to continue the work over the second part of the album in autumn.

Euroradio reminds, one of Minsk concerts gave a push to the recording of an acoustic program. The musicians played their hit "Nie Trywaj" in an unplugged-version for the first time. The fans really enjoyed the song and the musicians decided to record a full-time acoustic program. Ales Lyutych recorded all the songs for the future "Acoustic" with the drums player Zmitser Kharytanovich. The musicians claim that the acoustic program does not damage their creative work, adding up new fans and supporters.