EU extends sanctions for Belarus but removes 24 people from black list

It is reported by the EU Council press office. The decision of the EU Council is motivated by the fact that "not all the political prisoners were released and rehabilitated, and the fact that respect for human rights, rule of law and democracy in Belarus have not improved." 

The review also has an updated list of Belarusian citizens and organizations against which restrictive measures will continue to apply. According to the report, the Council of the EU "sees no reason to keep the sanctions for 24 people and 7 companies that are under the restrictions". It is emphasized that this does not mean there has been a change of EU policy towards Belarus. 

"The EU continues to implement a policy of critical cooperation with Belarus, which aims to promote respect for human rights, rule of law and democratic principles in Belarus," said the statement. 

Relevant legal acts will be published in the Official Journal of the EU and come into effect on Friday.