Entrepreneurs’ strike: It didn’t come to tents


The third act of the entrepreneurs’ strike was a failure. Only about more than a dozen entrepreneurs gathered at Kastrychnitskaya square in Minsk and there were three times as many journalists. Nevertheless, the organizers of the strike kept saying that the meeting had taken place. In particular, Ales Taustyka said: the fact that so few entrepreneurs arrived, - is a strategy:

“All entrepreneurs are busy carrying out their tasks. Do not worry, no entrepreneur is working today. Everyone is organizing strikes in cities and in regions. They started forcing us out at 10 minutes to 12, not at 12 sharp. Second, it is our strategy”.

Special police troops also had their own strategy. They forced leaders of entrepreneurs from Kastrychnitskaya square to the backyard of the Palace of Republic. Then the column of entrepreneurs and journalists reached the crossing of Kamunistychnaya and Kuibyshau Streets. The leader of the UCP Anatol Lyabedzka and entrepreneurs Ales Taustyka and Victar Harbachou were among the people forced out of the square. They tried to get air time on the ONT channel:

Ales Taustyka: “We want to appeal for air time on Belarusian TV. There is no difference what channel it may be: ONT, STV or BT. I would like to talk to the head of the Belarusian State Broadcasting Company Zimouski in his programme “Strict talk”.

Special police troops did not allow participants of the action to enter the building of the channel. However, it did not embarrass the entrepreneurs. Victar Harbachou said it was a special maneuver – Zimouski received their appeal:

“While they are keeping us here, a group of entrepreneurs has sent an appeal to the head of BT Zimouski. Our mission is complete”.

Let us remind you that the demands of entrepreneurs have not changed: to cancel presidential decree # 760, to adopt a law on small-scale and medium-scale business, to stop repressions against activists of the entrepreneurs’ movement and to fulfill the 12 demands of the European Union.