Entrepreneurs “to occupy” Kastrychnitskaya Square on December 10


Entrepreneurs are going to conduct a meeting at Kastrychnitskaya Square on December 10. Even the fact that Minsk authorities have forbidden it does not frighten them. Victar Kalei, deputy head of the steering committee of the republican civil association “For Free Business Development” Victar Kalei informed about it.

Officials suggested that entrepreneurs should gather in the Park of Friendship of Peoples near Banhalor Square but they refused.

Let us remind you that entrepreneurs are fighting against President’s decree #760 that will come into power on January 1, 2007. The decree forbids entrepreneurs to hire employees except for their family members and close relatives.

They are planning to go to the main square of the city and present their economic demands on December 10. They say that there will be no political slogans at the meeting.