Economist: Income of Belarusians to drop by 15 percent this year


Many countries have recently reported that they are managing to overcome the financial crisis. Since the worst financial outlook has not come ture, it is possible that the global economy will get more or less stable, according to the economists from the International Monetary Fund.
However, Belarusian economist Siarhei Chaly reckons it is premature to make optimistic forecasts. A new phase of the crisis will begin in Belarus in the fall:

Chaly: “The next phase will begin in the fall, I think. It will be more prolonged than the first phase of the crisis that began in October 2007”.

Belarusians should expect a drop in their revenues. According to the estimates of Siarhei Chaly, we will get by 15 percent less than in the previous year. The stabilization of the economy will take place not earlier than in three years.