Dwellers outraged by cost and quality of house repairs (photo)

Жыхары дома абураныя коштам і якасцю рамонту пад’езда (фота)

This Homiel house is 42 years old. Repairs were made  here for the first time on the initiative of residents. They cost about 14.5 million rubles. Residents of the five-story building were displeased with plenty of things. Firstly, it was expensive. The private house maintenance service "Aimalin M" told Euroradio the amount for such repairs of the 12 stories of entrance halls cost about twelve million.

Жыхары дома абураныя коштам і якасцю рамонту пад’езда (фота)

Secondly, the utility services left behind smudges of paint on the walls, put the new pipe paint on top of the old one and others.

But the most surprising thing for the inhabitants was that each apartment had payment deducted based on its usable area. For the three apartments on the landing, the amounts are different. Uladzimir Zlatsin, for example, will have to pay about a million for his 58 meters of housing.

Uladzimir Zlatsin: "Repairs are made in the halls, and not in my apartment. I don't need to go to the fifth floor. I pass seven stairs and I'm in the apartment. And I have to pay so much, this one will pay less, and the one from the 76th apartment - even more."

At the same time, no one takes into account the number of residents in the apartments. A lonely pensioner has to pay more for a big family, because she occupies a larger area. Public utilities company responded that everything is calculated according to the law.

By the way, fora year now, repair of the halls has not been part of the general overhaul and is done exclusively by the residents.