Dakota: "We rehearse the Eurovision song at home eating Mom’s patties”


A singer Dakota was on her way to a rehearsal of Litesound – one of the favourites of the Belarusian “Eurofest” - when we phoned her. The musicians rehearse… at home. According to them, it allows them to feel free:: — The atmosphere at home is best of all: tea and Mom’s patties! We rehearse, prepare our show and do many things nobody has seen yet.

Dakota and Litesound have not changed their song although many mass media predicted they would:

— The only thing we have changed is my show. But we will not tell you anything. There has not been anything like this before.

Don’t you think your song is way too moralistic for young people?

— We sing that young people are choosing wrong things now: passing fun and parties instead of real feelings and happiness; we say that it will not result in anything good.

Dakota tried to analyze the performance of Ruslan Alyahno who represented Belarus at “Eurovision” last year. In the singer’s opinion, Ruslan’s dedication was nullified by bad singing:

— The show was not outstanding and Ruslan was anxious. To tell you the truth, it was clearly seen. He was very anxious and was singing a bit out of tune.

The singer promised that her heart would not sink on the stage of the Olympic:

— This Eurovision will take place in the Olympic in Moscow. I have performed there for seven times already. It is like another home for me, I know everything there.

Dakota doubted that the fact that the Eurovision would take place in Moscow which is rather close to home would help Belarusians in any way:

— Pyotr Yalfimau, Hunesh and the other contenders are not known in the Russian show business. They are as famous as musicians from San-Marino. The Russian show business does not know anyone but “The Pensyary”.

Dakota was reserved commenting on our question whether we would be able to win:

— We have not taken part in the Eurovision many times, what victory are you talking about? The main goal is presenting ourselves and presenting the country. I travel a lot and I know that not many foreigners know what Belarus is. However, we should hope to win!

In the end we asked whether Dakota was going to write any songs dedicated to the devaluation of the rouble and songs that could cheer up the nation during the world financial crisis. The 18-year-old girl gave an adequate answer:

— I do not write serious songs about it and I think that you can always make money if you have a good head on your shoulders.

We asked Dakota about unofficial relations of the jury and the musicians during the selection at Eurofest and she admitted that there could be some backstairs influence although she hoped for impartial decisions.

— We hope to be lucky, we hope that voting will be transparent and we will do everything depending on us!

In the end Dakota recommended paying more attention to the programme of the contest rather then her personal life:

— Let them write! Any PR is PR. Besides an obituary.

Photo by — liveinternet.ru