Controllers to open hunt for ticketless passengers on Dec 17


Minsktrans, the municipal public transport operator, envisages a sharp increase in the number of ticketless passengers and is to mobilise all the controllers on public transport on December 17. Effective from December 17, school and college students and pensioners will be deprived of public transport cost benefits. From that day on, they will have to pay their fares in full, currently Br600 (30cents).

The European Radio for Belarus wanted to find out whether one could stock discounted tickets and use them after December 17. Hanna Mikhaylouskaya of Minsktrans says that December 16 is the last day when you can use your half-price ticket.

Hanna Mikhailouskaya: “Effective from December 17, we do not have passengers with benefits. Therefore, it will be impossible to use two discounted tickets in order to pay for your trip. December 16 will be the last day when discounted tickets will be sold”.

She noted that the new law on abolition of benefits does not envisage any benefits for public transport. There are only two categories of citizens: those who are entitled to the free public transport service and those who pay a full price for transport fares.

Due to the abolition of benefits, Minsktrans forecasts an increase in the number of ticketless passengers and is set to throw all the effort to fight free-ride passengers.