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Clichés hinder bilateral relations - outgoing EU envoy

Andrea Wiktorin / Raman Pratasevich, Euroradio​

"I'm against all sorts of cliches. I think that the cliche about "the last dictatorship in Europe" does not help to move forward," said Andrea Wiktorin, head of the European Union's delegation to Belarus, in an interview with Euroradio. Her statement came in response to the host's questionwhether she had changed her attitude towards President Lukashenka during her work in Belarus.

The diplomat reckons that she has managed to come to terms with the Belarusian leader. "I'm glad that I managed to organize many visits to Belarus," she summed up.

Head of the EU Delegation Andrea Wiktorin will soon have her mandate come to an end in Belarus as she arrived in our country in 2015. A new head of the mission has already been designated, while Mrs. Wiktorin will represent the EU interests in Armenia.