Chernobyl Initiative Support Centre registers legal address


The head of the steering committee of the Chernobyl Initiative Support Centre, a Corresponding Member of the National Academy of Sciences Ivan Nikitchanka is trying to register a legal address for the association.
According to him, he turned to Minsk City Executive Committee on June 27 and asked for permission to use a private house for registration of a legal address.

Nikitchnka noted that the decision had been taken after consulting the head of the department of civil associations of the Ministry of Justice Aleh Slizheuski and in connection with the fact that the Centre did not have enough money to rent and office in Minsk.

Minsk District authorities are to give their reply by the middle of July, added Nikitchanka.

The organization will be trying to unite the efforts of all Chernobyl-related civil organizations including those who suspended their activities.

Nіkіtchanka thinks that is necessary to start working out a system of protection of people in case of radioactive danger and to introduce compulsory clinical examination for all people.

The scientist also thinks that all victims of the Chernobyl disaster should be counted, and that technologies of clean production should be introduced to avoid reaching the critical level of radioactivity.