Charhinets asks Academy of Sciences to rank writers by popularity


Chairman of the Belarus Union of Writers, Mikalai Charhinets, said that books of modern Belarusian writers do not reach the shelves of libraries. Such a conclusion was made by Charhinets after he interviewed regional libraries that he visits, BelTA reports.

One of the Union objectives, in particular, is to promote the works of Belarusian authors, says Charhinets.  He believes that one of the ways to do it is through creating a  popularity rating of writers. But it is still unclear how to make the most accurate study. He turned to the Academy of Sciences to develop a methodology.

The Writers' Union of Belarus had an independent study. Belarusian Library gave information about the number of books by 48 Belarusian authors and requests for them during two years. The number of requests was about 2.5 millions.

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