Byalyatskі: people detained in connection with “blast case” were going to take part in elections


The number of people detained in connection with the investigation of the explosion that took place during the celebration of Independence Day in Minsk has almost reached two dozens. Human rights activists and relatives of the detained organized a press conference in Minsk. The conference produced more questions than answers. For example, a human rights activist Valyantsin Stefanovich demonstrated copies of the protocols of detentions: Valyantsin Stefanovich: "There are no reasons explaining why these people are suspected. There are no references to their resemblance to Photo-fits or evidence provided by witnesses. It is groundless”.

Thus, human rights activists concluded: the Ministry of Foreign Affaires and KGB are imitating activity instead of looking for the real criminals. They did not even answer why they decided to detain former members of “White Legion”. According to Syarhei Chyslau’s mother (he was the first to have been detained), the organization had no political goals.

Syarhei Chyslau’s mother: "It was a patriotic sports camp and I know my son: he would have never tried to infringe upon the state’s principles but he knew that it was necessary to bring up a healthy nation”.

Ales Byalyatskі noted that some of the people detained in connection with “July 3-4 case” had been planning to become members of election commissions.

Ales Byalyatskі: "How can there be free democratic elections (as the authorities keep assuring us) when the society is afraid of this terror directed against democratic activists?”

Meanwhile, nobody knows whether these 13 people will be forbidden to take part in the election campaign.

Photo by — ByMedia