Brutto presents new music video Weights (see)


Siarhei’s Mikhalok’s band has presented a new clip – Weights. This is the first video showing what the band will look like during live performances. It was made by Russian photographer and chipmaker Andrei Davydovski. Mikhalok calls Davydovski a 100% Brutto’s producer who realized a mixture of fun, man’s power, healthy aggression in Weights.

Brazil, one of Brutto’s frontmen signs in Weights. The clip will be noticed, Brazil believes:

"I haven’t watched TV for a long time on purpose. However, I started looking through music channels two weeks ago. I wanted to understand what clips were being shown there. I have not noticed anything similar to Weights.  And I like it.”

Siarhei Mikhalok’s new band Brutto was created a month ago and has already released its debut album Underdog and three clips.