Brest hosts January Musical Evenings (photo)

У Брэсце прайшлі "Студзеньскія музычныя вечары" (фота)

January Musical Evenings were organized in Brest. The classical music festival was opened on January 9. It was the 28th festival. Over 300 musicians from 16 countries visited Brest within 4 days. There were musicians from China, Georgia, Russia, Poland, the USA and Lithuania. Musicians from Vietnam and Belgium performed at the festival for the first time.


The last days of the festival was the most expected. The house of the Academic Drama Theatre was full. An Italian trio (Dominico Stasi, Francesco Tuppo and Giovanni Caletto) sang there. Mariinka Theatre soloist Maria Maksakova also performed on stage. They were accompanied by a symphonic orchestra directed by Alexander Sasnouski.  


 The tickets to the closing ceremony of January Evenings cost 500–600 thousand roubles.